Latest YouGov poll: Labor’s support rises by 1%, to 52%, two party preferred vote

January 18, 2024, 10:07 PM GMT+0

YouGov has released it first public data poll for 2024, which indicates that if an election were held today, Labor would receive 52% of the two-party preferred vote, up 1%.

Labor’s primary vote is up to 32% (from 29%), while the Coalition’s is unchanged at 37%. The Greens are down 2 at 13%, and One Nation remains unchanged (at 7%) since the last public data poll in December 2023.

The net satisfaction for both major party leaders has remained negative. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has improved to -13. This is up from a score of -16 in December.

Comparatively, opposition leader Peter Dutton’s net satisfaction has declined, coming in at -11, from a previous scoring of -9.

Anthony Albanese still holds a clear lead as the preferred Prime Minister at 45%, over Peter Dutton (at 35%), by a clear margin of 10 percentage points. This is the same margin reported in YouGov’s December poll.

20% of Australians claim they don’t prefer either candidate as Prime Minister.

YouGov Director of Government, Paul Smith, said “Labor has recovered from the record low primary vote seen in December. An election held today would have Labor win by a similar margin seen in the 2022 Federal election, where it received 52.13% of the vote.”

This poll was conducted during a period of extensive media coverage of opposition leader Peter Dutton’s call for a boycott of Woolworths; a call that was only supported by 20% of Australians.

Methodology: This survey was conducted between 12th of January and 17th January with a sample of 1532. Results are weighted to be representative of the population by age, gender, education, AEC region, household income, weighting by past vote (Federal vote and Voice referendum), with a margin of error of 3.12%. See Australian Polling Council methodology statement for full weightings.

YouGov correctly predicted the result of the recent referendum at 40% Yes, 60% No, and is a founding member of the Australian Polling Council, as well as a global leader in polling research. We are the only polling company to have polled our entire panel of survey participants straight so we can make sure our polls are representative of how Australians vote in the referendum vote.

For further information or comment contact Paul Smith Director of Government