YouGov Travel & Tourism Rankings 2022 Australia

YouGov Travel & Tourism Rankings 2022 Australia

YouGov’s Travel & Tourism: Brand & Destination Rankings Report 2022 reveals the top ranked consumer brands within the sector, and the destinations consumers favor most across the globe. The data is drawn from our daily brand and destination tracking tools, BrandIndex and DestinationIndex which continuously measure the public’s perception of travel brands and tourist destinations globally. 


In Australia, travel brand Qantas led the list this year with a score of 43.4. Air New Zealand came in second with a score of 33.4. In third and fourth position were Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines respectively scoring 32.9 and 31.9. Rounding out the top five Emirates scored 28.6.   

Rank Brand Name Score
1 Qantas 43.4
2 Air New Zealand 33.4
3 Virgin Australia 32.9
4 Singapore Airlines 31.9
5 Emirates 28.6
6 27.8
7 Hilton 22.3
8 Spirit of Tasmania 22.2
9 Sheraton 20.4
10 Hyatt 19.7
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The data included in the YouGov Travel and Tourism Brand and Destination Rankings 2022 has been drawn from YouGov BrandIndex and YouGov DestinationIndex respectively. The markets included in this report are UK, US, China, Japan, Germany, UAE, Indonesia, France and Australia.  

For the brand ranking, brands were ranked based on their Impression score, which is a measure of whether a consumer has a positive or negative impression of a brand calculated by taking the average net score for the year of 2021 (1st January 2021 – 31st December 2021). Consumers were asked “Which of the following brands do you have a positive impression of?”, then "Which of the following brands do you have a negative impression of?".  

For the destination ranking, consumers were asked “Overall, which of the following destinations do you have a positive impression of?” then "Overall, which of the following destinations do you have a negative impression of?". The score shown is the average net score from January 2022 vs. January 2021. 

The brand and destination rankings charts show those brands/destinations which received the highest average score. The scores for both the brand and destination ranking are representative of the general population of adults 18+ for all markets (Indonesia and China are online representative).

All scores listed have been rounded to a single decimal place; however, we have used additional precision to assign ranks. All brands must be tracked for at least six months to be included in either ranking.