Six in ten Australians plan domestic holiday over next 12 months

Kim HoPR Manager
December 09, 2020, 9:09 AM GMT+0

In the face of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many Aussies are looking ahead to travelling over the coming year, new research from YouGov reveals.

The data, collected by YouGov’s Global Travel Profiles tool from across 25 countries, shows that six in ten (59%) people plan to holiday domestically in the next 12 months, making them the travellers third-most likely to take such a vacation. Far fewer (18%) plan to holiday abroad next year, while one in five (21%) say they don’t think they will travel at all in the coming year.

Of all the countries surveyed, Thais are the most likely to travel domestically in the next year, with over two-thirds (68%) saying the intend to. Data suggests that those in the Asia Pacfic region are the most keen to travel domestically in the next 12 months. Indonesians are the second most likely to travel domestically in the new year (61%), followed closely by the Chinese (55%) and Malaysians (54%). The only exception to this rule are those hailing from the small island nation state Singapore, where only 14% intend to have a domestic holiday.

The data comes from Global Travel Profiles, a new research tool which tracks global consumer sentiment and attitudes every day across the largest travel and tourism markets. It is created so that those in the tourism industry can analyse how to best target their audiences for growth – identifying who is ready to travel when, and what kind of travel they are planning.

Fully customisable by geography, subscribers can discover emerging trends on intended travel habits and behaviours for the forthcoming 12 months. It provides a holistic view of the travel market, including granular consumer insights on preferred locations, booking methods, accommodation and transportation preferences.

YouGov Global Travel Profiles is connected to YouGov’s market-leading depth and breadth of consumer data meaning it provides a much wider dataset than just isolated travel attitudes. It is an extension to YouGov’s connected data solutions and is complementary to YouGov DestinationIndex.

Eva Stewart of YouGov: “YouGov Global Travel Profiles is vital to industry insiders looking to understand traveller expectations in the current climate as the tourism industry readies itself to step into the post-COVID world. It is the perfect, cost-effective resource for strategic, operational and marketing activities, delivering the most up-to-date, robust data on changing attitudes to travel.”