Connected Research Data Systems and The YouGov Cube

Connected Research Data Systems and The YouGov Cube

Brand tracking has been around for decades, promising to bring clarity to the difficulties of “measuring the mind” and prove that brand investments yield meaningful ROI. Despite this, there has been little consistency in what marketers should measure and even less consistency in methods across companies related to brand equity measurement. With every research dollar needing to count now more than ever, YouGov has evaluated the key challenges we still face, like slow-moving, incomplete or limited data, and evolved systems to unlock more valuable, connected insights.

YouGov’s new white paper, Connected Research Data Systems and The YouGov Cube, examines the problems with historical methodologies and the innovative way the YouGov Cube has re-invented brand trackers to combat these challenges. It looks into the components of connected data systems and how companies can leverage new technology to access deeper insights, create more relevant data points and simplify the reporting experience.

Understand how new innovations support a data ecosystem that connects and scales consistent metrics, and learn how YouGov’s pioneering offering of integrated research products can offer business managers a greater ROI.

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