What is YouGov Reel?

YouGov Reel is a real-time dial-test measurement tool for visual / audio advertising. It is easy to understand, very intuitive and a fun way to pretest an ad. 


How does YouGov Reel work?

YouGov Reel can help clients to minimize the risk of launching an ineffective ad or an ad that can damage the brand image.

We run survey with the test video embedded and send to the target audience for pre-launch evaluation. While the video is being played, interviewees can rate real-time frame by frame by using the scale online. 



Why use YouGov Reel?

By understanding how an ad is working with the relevant audience, clients can:

  • Optimize content scene by scene
  • Select content based on individual metrics, such as global appeal, communication of the message, branding, emotional response 


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