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As the peak body for research organisations, Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) represents close to 100 research, data and insights organisations in Australia. It focuses on helping companies through promoting privacy and quality assurance, providing compliance mechanisms for government privacy legislation, lobbying, promoting the industry to key stakeholders and the public, and working with strategic partners on the attraction and management of talent and professional development within the industry. According to RICA Industry Report 2016, AMSRO Organisations generate 75% of revenue in the market and social research industry.


YouGov is honoured to be a member of AMSRO, where we get the following support:

  • Coverage, protection and privacy advice working under the Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014 (M&SRPC)
  • Workplace relations advice and support, including unlimited telephone legal advisory service on workplace relations, human resources and privacy matters
  • Advocacy, government representation and updates on regulatory and other industry issues
  • Support across quality assurance matters
  • Support and advice on business issues


Laura Robbie, General Manager of YouGov Australia, comments, "YouGov is committed to advancing the quality and understanding of consumer research in Australia. The impetus for YouGov to join AMSRO stemmed from our common interest in supporting and driving development in the research industry as a whole. We are glad to be part of AMSRO and we look forward to working closely together."






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