YouGov Omnibus is the perfect vehicle to test public and consumer opinions, attitudes and behaviours quickly and cost effectively.

YouGov Omnibus is available daily in all of the key markets in Asia Pacific. We interview an online representative sample of adults, aged 16+. Clients purchase as many individual questions as they need. Our expert team can help with survey design and translation.

We offer a range of targeted Omnibus products, focused on specific audiences – and we can provide standard survey templates to address a broad range of situations.

For our clients, Omnibus offers the most affordable, nimble way to generate tailored and reliable insights.

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Sample SizeAdults aged 16+ across major cities in Asia Pacific   Entry FeeContact us for further information!
FrequencyReady to launch daily, once clients approve survey test links by 12pm on any working day in Asia   Cost per QuestionContact us for further information!
Results Delivered...Results Deliverables: Full ExcelTM tables with PowerPointTM summary charts      



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