YouGov Direct

YouGov Direct is a self-service platform for advertisers, media agencies, and publishers. Direct allows you to precisely target the audience you need, in the moment you need it, and deliver your research with exceptional speed.

We offer nearly 100 profiling variables offering uniquely granular hyper-targeting and data for analysis, all in an self-service platform that gets you up and running quickly.

YouGov Direct can help you:

- Test ad creative and messaging

- Gain feedback live, in-event

- Create real time surveys direct-to-consumer

- Assess campaign performance

Advertisers & Media Agencies

Create fully-opted in, fraud-free and transparent advertising campaigns.

Target precise audiences and reduce ad fraud with granular and accurate profiling data.

Make advertising a two way dialogue.

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Monetise your audience outside of your own properties.

Enhance user experience with consent-driven advertising.

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Get rewarded when organisations use your approved data to target you with advertising.

Monetise your ad experience anonymously with improved privacy.

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Getting started with YouGov Direct is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Set up an account in 5 minutes
  2. Target, publish, & launch your survey in 10 minutes
  3. Watch real time results roll in - complete results in as fast as 1 hour!

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~100 profiling variables ensure precise audience profiling. The YouGov Direct Panel gives you access to audiences that are receptive to your communications and offers.


Self Service & Speed

Sign up is a quick and easy process and with credit card payments available, you can get your first survey up and running in less than 10 minutes with results delivered fast.


Multi-Market Reach

Large panels are currently available in the UK and the US with additional markets available in the coming months including Canada, Australia, and Singapore.​


Built for Advertising in the GDPR & post-CCPA World

YouGov Direct enables accurate and ethical consumer targeting. YouGov Direct panelists decide how much of their personal data they wish to share with advertisers. A double opt-in process gives your business extra peace of mind when conducting research - the YouGov Direct Panel is ready and receptive to your relevant advertising, offers, and surveys. Consumers are compensated for their opinions when they complete advertiser surveys.


Transparency through blockchain technology

Blockchain technology underpins YouGov Direct creating an audit trail of verifiable transactions between advertisers and consumers. This audit trail provides CCPA and GDPR assurance for businesses and creates complete transparency of data use between consumers and advertisers




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